Tools for learning and understanding AI.


AISpace2 is a set of notebooks and an extension for Jupyter, a web application that combines code, text, and visualizations into a single, rich document. These notebooks teach and demonstrate AI concepts by providing detailed explanations alongside Python code implementations, and the accompanying extension brings these concepts to life by providing interactive visualizations driven directly by the code you see.

AISpace2 is the next generation of AIspace, and accompanies the book Artifical Intelligence 2E: Foundations of Computational Agents by David Poole and Alan Mackworth.

How It Works

By combining Python code, explanatory text, and interactive visualizations into one place, Jupyter Notebooks and AISpace2 makes learning AI fun and easy.


Jupyter Notebook showing text

Get an overview of each algorithm and code. See the high level ideas that can’t be explained with just comments. Delve even deeper into the concepts with links to the accompanying textbook.


Jupyter Notebook showing code

View the exact code that makes each algorithm work. Edit it inline and instantly see how your changes affect the output. Tinker with it to test your understanding.


See how each algorithm works, step-by-step. Connect changes in the visualization to actual lines of code. Use the controls to step through execution and learn at your own pace.

The Notebooks

There are currently several notebooks that are complete with interactive visualizations, including:


Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSPs)


Bayesian Network

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