Help shape the future of AISpace2.

Ways to Help

No matter if you are a student just learning AI, or an instructor that has decades of experience, you can help us make AISpace2 even better. You don’t even need to know how to code!

Everything takes place on GitHub icon GitHub, so you’ll need an account to begin.

Updating Notebooks

All notebooks are editable in Jupyter after you download them, so if you would just like to change the notebooks for your own use, or for a small group of people, the easiest way is to just edit and save them directly1, then upload the changed notebook to your own website, through email, or to a hosting service like Dropbox. However, if you feel like the change would benefit everyone, and would like the notebook links on this website to point to your updated version, the process is a bit more involved.

First, make sure you have git installed and that you have a GitHub account. If this is your first time using git, there are several good resources available, such as Try Git and Atlassian's Git Tutorials. We'll be going over all the necessary commands, however, so feel free to continue along.

1 Before distributing any notebooks, you should always clear all the output first, so the notebooks downloaded by the user are clean. To do this, while inside the notebook, select Kernel > Restart & Clear Output. You will know when this process is complete when all the cells show [ ]: beside them, with no numbers inside the brackets. Then save the file (File > Save and Checkpoint) to complete the process.


Everything you need to get started with development is hosted on our GitHub page and wiki, so head over there if you’d like to contribute code!

Submitting Issues

If you’d like to submit a bug or feature request, or there’s just something you’d like to say, feel free to submit a ticket to our issue tracker. Make sure you’ve signed up for a GitHub account first. Give a quick search before submitting a new issue to make sure nobody has said the same thing, and try to give us as much detail as possible.