Help shape the future of AISpace2.

Thank you for your contribution!

No matter if you are a student just learning AI, or an instructor that has decades of experience, you can help us make AISpace2 even better. You don’t even need to know how to code!

Everything takes place on GitHub icon GitHub, so you’ll need an account to begin.

Submit Issues

If you’d like to submit a bug or feature request, or there’s just something you’d like to say, feel free to submit a ticket to our issue tracker. Make sure you’ve signed up for a GitHub account first. Give a quick search before submitting a new issue to make sure nobody has said the same thing, and try to give us as much detail as possible.

Submit Your Modifications

If you want to help fix a typo, a bug, want to add new visulizations, or have anything cool to contribute to our AISpace2, you can submit a pull request in GitHub. We'll be going over all the necessary commands to submit a pull request here, but feel free to continue along if you already know how.

First, make sure you have git installed and that you have a GitHub account. If this is your first time using git, there are several good resources available, such as Try Git and Atlassian's Git Tutorials.

Then, you need to fork our repo, clone it locally, then make your changes to the repository as you see fit. You may find the wiki at our GitHub website helpful when you edit the codes. If you are editing any notebooks, before submitting you should always clear all the output first, so the notebooks downloaded by other users are clean. To do this, while inside the notebook, select Kernel > Restart Kernel and Clear All Outputs. When this process is complete, you can see all the cells show []: beside them, with no numbers inside the brackets. Then save the file (File > Save Notebook) to complete the process.

After you finish with your changes, commit and push your changes by running the following commands in a terminal of your choice:

git commit -m "Your commit message here"
git push

Finally, open a pull request so we can approve and merge your changes. Once the changes are merged and we release the new version, they’ll be available to everyone.

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